Goodbye WKA

For months I have poured my enthusiasm, efforts, and creativity into other outlets besides What Kate Ate and as I prepare to fly home to relish in time with family and friends, enjoy fresh New England seafood, and splash in the ocean it seems fitting to call an end to this chapter of my life.


WKA has provided me with happiness, opportunities, and inspiration. But it inevitably has also created tension, guilt, and frustration. Over  time the blog dropped in priority as I began living more fully in other areas of my life and allocating less time to catapulting this blog into the success that I once dreamt it could be.

As I step out from beneath this platform I am entering other areas of growth in my life. I am recommitting to my personal yoga practice and am slowly turning yoga into a career. I am developing my new website which will have a blog feature complete with yoga musings, yogi recipes, and photography. I’m slowing down a bit and enjoying time in my kitchen and putting my domestic side to use as I can my way to queendom. And I’m quenching my insatiable desire to travel with Matt by my side.

And I’m celebrating life.


What Kate Ate turned into more a reflection of how I strive to live my life than a reflection of what food passed my lips everyday, and the transformation that this blog has allowed me to undergo is sacred to me. I wish all of you musings of travel, yoga, and food and I promise that I’ll never change.


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14 responses to “Goodbye WKA

  1. Sad to see you go! But excited to hear you will have new adventures in your life! Keep in touch!

  2. I’ll miss you on the blog but I’ll see you on Twitter! Best of luck with the new website.

  3. I TOTALLY understand. I have had this same thought run through my head in the past few months. It IS such a waste of time. After I’m done with my Ironman, I’m seriously considering stopping. I want to live my life and not feel obligated to put a blog post up. My time is getting more and more valuable to me as I add more things to my plate. Live you life!! 😉

  4. GO YOU. Sad to see you stop blogging here, but I know it will be amazing for you!!!!

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