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Tea Tasting


Recently Lipton sent me an email asking if I’d be interested in reviewing their new natural tea line. It sounded like a perfect excuse to gather my tea loving friends for an evening of wine-like tea tasting.

Matt and I invited our tea loving friends for a blind taste test of the six wines Lipton sent me including a watermelon, passion fruit, and citrus.

Although the flavors were hard to blindly identify they possessed a juice-less quality that would satisfy someone looking for a tea-juice hybrid. The diet teas were a bit fake tasting but I enjoyed the non-diet varieties, especially the lemon one which resembled a Southern sweet tea.


Overall the teas were a bit less natural that I had hoped, but I am positive that sweet tea lovers, those looking to jump from sugary juices to a more natural, tea like beverage, and those looking for flavorful calorie free options will find enjoyment out of one of their new six flavors.


Thank you Lipton for the opportunity to share your product with my friends. And for keeping our thirst quenched in this 95 degree June weather!

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