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10 things you should bring camping

1. Buffalo potato chips from Target.

2. Sunscreen.

3. A pamphlet for the Covered Bridges of Madison County. Unless you aren’t in the middle of Iowa. Then that just might be strange.


4. Enough battery life in your phone to drunk Twitter with your mom and sister.

5. An overweight piebald Dachshund with a great appreciation for belly rubs, Quaker Oatmeal Squares and exploring tall grass.


6. Sunglasses and J.Crew flip flops, so you only look mildly as gross as you feel.

7. Fishing equipment for bored boyfriends who enjoy touching you with their slimy catch. I’m not kidding.


8. Enough fruit to last for days, even if you plan to eat only s’mores.

9. Fluff. Raspberry Fluff.

10. A camera to capture all of the insane, funny and peaceful moments.


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