Nantucket v Martha’s Vineyard

For the first time in five years I will be back home for a summer visit to the East Coast and I am dragging my Iowa boy along with me.

Naturally there are a million things I need to do. You know, like drink wine with my mom, lick melted Ben and Jerry’s ice cream off of a delicious waffle cone, and head to the beach. And then there is the excitement building day trip to Nantucket or the vineyard.


Yes, this Dunkin Donuts drinkin’, Red Sox supporting Massachusettian has never been to either, but I’m ready to cross one off of my life list and give Matt a true feel of New England charm.


Experienced islanders: which island would you chose and why?

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6 responses to “Nantucket v Martha’s Vineyard

  1. I’ve never been to Martha’s Vineyard, but we spent two weeks in Nantucket last year and had a BALL. I loved it!

    I’m sure either will be awesome!

  2. mvobsession

    I’ve never been to Nantucket but have been going to the Vineyard all my life. The Vineyard is a shorter ferry ride, allowing you more time to explore this beautiful Island that I’m obsessed with. Thus the name of my blog…lol

  3. Rebecca

    I’m also a Dunkin’ Donuts drinking, Red Sox supporting Massachusettian and I can tell you that Martha’s Vineyard trumps Nantucket for a few reasons:

    MV is larger and has a lot more areas to explore, where N is one town and it can get cramped and claustrophobic. Some areas I adore in MV are Chappaquiddick, Menemsha and Aquinnah (the cliffs are absolutely gorgeous!).

    Food to check out in MV:
    The Bite in Menemsha. Get the chowdah and the fried zucchini.
    Larson’s Fish Shop in Menemsha. I have had conversations with people from all over the country who know about Larson’s. It’s the most unassuming fish shop but you can get a killer lobster roll (and take it to eat on the beach and watch the sunset!!) or get an amazing piece of swordfish and cook it wherever you stay.
    Chilmark Chocolates in Chilmark. Chocolate covered local blueberries. Yum.
    The Scottish Bakehouse in Vineyard Haven. Their breakfast sandwich might change your life.
    The restaurant on the top of Aquinnah has AMAZING sweet potato fries.
    You’ll find yummy (fancier) restaurants and good shopping in Edgartown.

    My favorite way to explore the Island is to rent a bike and bike everywhere. One summer my mom and I biked around the whole Island and saw so much along the way. The bus system is really cheap and they have bike racks, which I found particularly helpful!

    There’s much much more to say about MV, but I’ll cut it off there. Hope this helps!

  4. I’ve never been to the East Coast and I would LOVE to. It looks gorgeous! What a way to spend a vacation…

  5. I live in the number one fishing port in New England – New Bedford, and can see Martha’s Vineyard and CuttyHunk from where I am. Naturally, I’ve been to both more times than I can shake a stick at. You go to both islands for different reasons. Mahthas (how we pronounce it) Vineyard has more going on and far more lively in the on season – resturants, book shops, galleries, beaches and so on.
    Nantucket is a place to relax and do as little as possible while charging your batteries and clearing your mind. Try ‘sconset – the eastern part of the island, The Summer House to be specific. Great Piano bar at night with the locals.

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