Green Drinks

One of the best parts about blogging is that at any given time you can look back on what you were doing a week, a month, a year ago. And if you have a food blog you can instantly be reminded of what you ate for breakfast on that particular day. Although my blog is now more of a celebration of the things I love instead of the things on my plate, I still am able to look back and relish in memories of food, photos, and friends.

Last March 17th I was enjoying unseasonably warm weather with one of my best friends from home. We practiced yoga outside, danced with my dogs, ate hot dogs in Chicago, and drank green beer all night long.






This Saint Patrick’s Day I’ll be spending quality time with my mom in the city of Omaha and although I’m not sure they’ll have green wine, I know we will have a blast.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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3 responses to “Green Drinks

  1. I love St Patty’s Day! Here are some alternatives to the GreenBeer if you need to try some green drinks! Irish Mojito, Caramel Appletini and Grasshopper! Posted all recipes on my blog this morning! 🙂

  2. Have fun with your mom! Good luck finding some green wine. 🙂

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