My Dream Yoga Studio

Lately I’ve been spending more time reading yoga blogs than breathing and it wasn’t even ten minutes into stalking the Spoiled Yogi when I ran into a post that I loved: If I Owned A Yoga Studio.

My dream yoga studio.


Would have fresh sliced oranges waiting after class.

And coconut water running from a tap.

There would be a gong.

And gorgeous shelves stacked with books, dvds, and CDs a la yoga.

We would have a monthly yoga book club.

And monthly events like couples yoga, chocolate & yoga, and of course the occasional yoga in the park class.

We would emphasis community.

And awareness.

And there would be beautiful hardwood floors.

But not a single mirror in the studio.

There would be workshops and meditations.

And self-guided Mysore practices.

A constant breeze of fresh air.

There would be big comfy chairs and ottomans galore.

And you would always leave with a goofy smile on your face.


What must your yoga studio have?

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3 responses to “My Dream Yoga Studio

  1. That looks heavenly. I think it would be really easy to do yoga every day if the studio looked like that!

  2. Oh my, I’d be happy grabbing a big soft squishy pad of some sort and layin and relaxin there not doing anything. Yoga would be bonus!

  3. java

    that sounds awsome! call me silly but why no mirrors?

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