The month of yoga

March is a month for yoga. The snow starts to melt and little buds peak up from the earth. And I find myself gravitating more towards my mat than ever before.

I thought of quantifying my yogic expectations and desires for the month of March, but instead I decided to embrace the journey and enjoy the ride. Should I find myself practicing every day or 10 minutes a day, should I master handstand or fall out of it countless more times, the month will illustrate exactly what I needed.

And that is what I wish for you.

Should you be interested in turning March into your yoga month then I encourage you to do so.

And here are some resources to help you along your journey.

Yoga FAQ’s

Things I wish I always knew about yoga

Chair Yoga

And if you decide that March is better used for eating Cadbury eggs, reading books in the bathtub, or as a final ditch effort to perfect your oatmeal recipe than so be it.

What goals – yoga related or not, specific or broad – do you have for the glorious month of March?

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3 responses to “The month of yoga

  1. haha i would like both Cadbury eggs and yoga please! 🙂

    Big goal for March: PR in the National Half at the end of the month!

  2. Jamie R

    I am going to start practicing at least 5 days a week again! even if there’s barely any room to do it… i’ll find a place! i gotta get back!

  3. I love your yoga goals!
    My goal is to Keep Calm! I have so much stuff going on this month with school, Internship applications, midterms, and thesis work…I need to remember to take it easy once in a while and not stress!

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