Life List

We all have a running list of things that we desire to accomplish, do, and experience in our life time. This list used to be more of a “where I’d like to travel” guide, but I’ve added more experienced based things in recent years, and even been able to check some off.

The best part? For each thing that I do, each destination that I visit, each time I experience something on the list, I add five new things.

1. Scuba the Great Barrier Reef

2. Backpack the British Isles

3. Dance in Bali

4. Make homemade marshmallows

5. Island hop in Greece

6. Go to the Tulip Festival in Pella, IA


7. Cook a full course meal

8. Ride on a fisherman’s boat in Thailand

9. Go to a yoga retreat

10. Compete in an open water swim event in New Zealand


11. Carnival in Brazil

12. Get married

13. Swim in all the major oceans

14. Learn to take great photos with a DSLR camera

15. Drive a convertible

16. Own an apple orchard


17. Run a bed and breakfast

18.Go to a yoga festival

19. Live in another country

20. Skydive

21. Touch a snake

22. Become SCUBA certified

23. Move away from home

24. Learn another language

25. Go on an African safari


26. Go to the Olympic Games

27. Have a chicken coop

28. Ride my bike around an island

29. Eat gelato in Italy

30. Go on a trip to Spain and Portugal with my Mom


31. Go to Greece

32. Become a yoga teacher

33. Graduate college

34. Stand on my head

35. Go skinny dipping

36. Go on an air balloon ride


37. Become a swim coach

38. Go on an a road trip to nowhere

39. Try snow-shoeing

40. Stand in my truth

41. Visit a winery

42. Visit a brewery

43. Compete in a triathlon

44. Sailboat


45. Be a mom

46. Learn how to can

47. Live in a city

48. La Tomatina in Spain

49. Hike the Himalayas

50. Ride in the cable cars in San Francisco

51. Visit Lonesome George in the Galapagos


52. Learn how to make a fancy dish like Beef Bourguignon

53. Buy a house

54. Hike to the peak of a mountain

55. Spend time in Morocco

56. Climb an entire rock wall

57. Visit Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard

58. Canoe the Boundary Waters

59. Pick cherries


60. Practice yoga in India

61. Slide down a rock made water slide

62. Brew beer

63. Make wine

64. Eat at the Lincoln Café

65. Do a distance bike ride

66. Visit a cranberry bog


67. Eat a meal from entirely my own growing

68. Enjoy a beer at Oktoberfest

69. Make clam chowder from scratch

70. Participate in RAGBRAI

71. Wine, cheese, and chocolate tour of Europe


72. Cruise the Mediterranean  

73. Make sushi

74. Visit Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and Africa

75. Egypt and the Red Sea

76. Go on a trip by myself

77. Belong to a CSA

77. Visit all 50 states

78. Pick grapes at a vineyard


What are three things on your life list?

And what from your life list have you accomplished?

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15 responses to “Life List

  1. I would like to do most of those things with you, thanks. 🙂

  2. AWESOME list!! So- here is what I am thinking. Sometime in June or July, you could hop in your car and drive to Michigan (road trip to nowhere? by yourself? check off 38 & 76). Then, we can go to my favorite winery and the wine maker will take us out to pick our own grapes (78 check). We can then visit Mackinaw Island (no cars allowed- bikes & horses only) and ride around the entire island (28 check). Afterwards, we can take a sail on my familys sailboat (44), skinny dip in Lake Michigan (35), pick cherries off the trees at Cherry Fest (59), and I could even catch a snake for you to touch (21). AND, you will be one step closer to visiting all 50 states (77).

    Brilliant, no??

  3. You have a great life list going. I think we’d make for perfect travel partners. A lot of the things that you want to do I want to do or have already done.

  4. Girl, this list is incredible!! Sign me up 🙂

  5. Great list! I might have to borrow a few of those to add to my list…

    Still no snowshoeing? You must! 😉

  6. What an incredible list! Love that you are accomplishing things already! 🙂

  7. Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog–that was very sweet!

    I love your list. I haven’t really thought too much about one for me…maybe I should!

  8. I love this list! I have a list like this too. Checking things off is such a good feeling 🙂

  9. Wow, what an extensive list! 3 of mine on my bucket list are: skydiving, visit all 7 continents and hike all the way up a mountain and bike back down. 🙂

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  12. Jamie R

    You can cross off 32-34!!! 🙂

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