Granola people

Hysterically enough I’ve heard yogis be referred to as “granola people” on more than one occasion. And ironically, I identify with this term much more than “tree huggers” or even “yogini”. Well, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good granola?


Cranberry Orange Granola (People)

1/4 c agave or honey

2 tablespoon oil (coconut, corn)

1 tablespoon water

2 c rolled oats

1/2 c flax seed or wheat germ

1/2 c cashews

1/2 c dried cranberries

zest of one orange

Bring agave, oil, and water to a boil. Reduce heat and allow to simmer for 10 minutes. In the mean time, preheat oven to 250*. Add oats and flax seed to a cookie sheet or deep oven-safe dish and pour simmered mixture over the top. Allow to bake for 30 minutes, stirring well half way through. Remove oats from stove and add fruit, nuts, and zest, return to oven for 15 minutes more.

Best served after yoga and stereotypically enjoyed by most granola people.


Do you have a favorite term for yogis? Or a favorite granola mix-in?



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9 responses to “Granola people

  1. Haha…I can think of worse things to be called! This looks great!

  2. Wow that looks like an awesome recipe! And I like that term better than the rest too. Though I did expect to open this post and see granola shaped into people shapes like gingerbread men… just sayin’. 🙂

  3. We talked about turning The Bachelor into a drinking AND exercising game, but we were pretty sure we’d end up killing ourselves. hahahha

  4. I like that term… because I like granola 🙂

  5. runyogarepeat

    I actually don’t label myself as a “yogi,” but my school is filled with hippy-type people, most of whom go to yoga class.

  6. foodandfarm

    Ha. Hipppie is pretty common around here. Has anyone else notice that these types of people have an earthy glow? I wonder why…

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