Class Pass: Barkan

Named after creator Jimmy Barkan, the Barkan Method is a style of hot yoga rooted in the Tantric yoga tradition. A long time student of Bikram Choudhury, Barkan favored a more all-encompassing practice and established his own style in the late 80’s. Unlike Bikram, Barkan’s method allows students and instructors to incorporate poses beyond the traditional 26 postures seen in traditional Bikram hot yoga, and uses postures, kriyas, and vinyasas from different yogic styles.


Practioners of this style are able to receive all of the physical benefits of practicing in heat while having the flexibility of physical movement and breath work that is not found in the stricter ‘hot’ version of yoga. And for those loving a challenge, there are plenty of vinyasas to be flowed through in Barkan classes.

Generally speaking, if your studio is promoting hot yoga but doesn’t have a distinct style associated with it, or BIKRAM in huge letters, then you just might be finding yourself practicing the Barkan Method.

Hot yoga: do or don’t?



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5 responses to “Class Pass: Barkan

  1. I really want to try hot yoga, but I am waiting until I can find a good deal! It’s soooo expensive at the place near my house.

  2. LOL, your Barkan Method link goes to a recipe for Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting! If the Barkan Method involves eating cupcakes, then I’m in.

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