Harbor Fish Market

I constantly find myself trying to say that Jen is one of my oldest friends. But the truth is, we just met this summer. But if you abide by the notion that a camp day is equivalent to a week in real life, then we’ve known each other for years.

My summer was many things. Trying, liberating, adventurous and full of memories – and all of the best ones include Jen and our shenanigans. In two months we formed a bond over wine, travel, and chocolate.


So naturally when I went home to New England for the holidays I made sure to visit Jen in her new stopping ground: Maine. It worked out perfectly really, because Maine is one of my favorite places on earth and as soon as we united, we were back to our usual escapades.

When we are together we turn into go-with-the-flow people. Nothing is out of reach, and we become reckless with spontaneity. The world is our oyster. As we were walking through the Old Port section of Portland, Maine we decided to pop into a fish market along the harbor.










And when life gives you fish markets, you should walk out with enough clams to make some homemade clam chowder.



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8 responses to “Harbor Fish Market

  1. I looooooove markets like that. For fresh fish, I usually go to Asian Markets near me, and they have an unbelievable, fresh, and super cheap selection!

  2. Yummm I love clam chowderrr! Esp the kind from Panera! Heck, I love everything from Panera!

  3. whathappensafter5

    Fabulous pictures! Looks like so much fun!


  4. How fun! Maine looks beautiful. It is definitely on my travel list!

  5. I love meeting people who you feel like you have known forever. Warm fuzzies.

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