The christening


I wasn’t that good this year. So imagine my surprise when I found a less colorful, slightly used version of the above mixer in my kitchen upon arriving home.

I’m one hundred percent sure that Matt was thinking solely with his belly when he made this purchase and I fully intend to reward said belly with a delightful dessert. But I just can’t decide on a recipe.

Coconut frosting?

Chocolate-dipped espresso meringues?

Red velvet cupcakes?

What recipe would you christen your Kitchen Aid mixer with?



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9 responses to “The christening

  1. You are SO lucky!!

    I vote Coconut frosting!

  2. SO JEALOUS! i just made an awesome carrot cake…omg

  3. LUCKY!!!! I want one sooo bad. New or used, I don’t care!

  4. I think I christened mine with chocolate chip cookies. It just seemed right to christen a classic like that with a classic recipe.

  5. You’re going to LOVE it!!

    Red velvet cupcakes!!!

  6. Something you can’t make with a hand mixer…maybe homemade marshmallows?

  7. I am sooo jealous!
    I’d try my hand at some bread 😀

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