A year in review

Matt and I kicked off the New Year with a redeye flight back to Iowa from Boston. Luckily we had just enough time to eat Chinese food, hang out with friends and family, and repack my suitcase before I left for Greece.

I spent a month exploring Greece where I vowed to someday become a nomad and to make it blatantly obvious in every photo that I was with a group of American tourists.


What Kate Ate began as a photo diary to track my eating and exercise habits and began living the kind of balance lifestyle I never thought possible.

Matt and I celebrated Valentine’s Day together by boarding a love boat to South America. In 8 days we visited three countries, ate way too much chocolate, kayaked the Panama Canal, and zip lined through the rainforest of Costa Rica.


My best friend from home boarded a plane and headed to the Midwest to celebrate Spring Break by drinking green beer in good ole Iowa City on St. Patrick’s Day and wandering around Chicago.


I accomplished another 2010 goal by securing a swim coaching job on a local swim club team.

I changed my major for the third time and finally settled on a field that I can see myself being passionate about: Recreation.

I completed my first sprint triathlon with my best friend Aubrey, and then proceeded to sit on the couch for the next three days.


I traded in my rationality, the benefits of AC, and any chance of savings to work as the Aquatic Director of a Girl Scout camp in Philadelphia. I proceeded to spend my summer at Rita’s water ice, taking 24 hour road trips, and removing ticks from campers and counselors alike.


Matt and I spent his 24th birthday in our Nation’s capital and endured three 100+ degree days walking through DC.

Picture 099

An addition to the family came in early August and with his arrival came a visit from my parents.


We spent a week getting to know our new love, visiting wineries, and driving to and from Omaha and Iowa City.

Picture 512

I boarded a bus and headed to Chicago to visit my blog friends at the second Healthy Living Summit where I ate Italian tapas, slept in while everyone else ran a fun 5k walk/run, and finished the weekend with a tour of Goose Island Brewery.


I returned from the HLS and began blogging regularly again, and after a few weeks changed the blog from a daily food and exercise diary to a more ‘living’ blog with an emphasis on the things that I love.

I began my final year of college at the University of Iowa and failed to go to a single football game.


I kissed my savings goodbye and embarked on a 9 month journey towards becoming an Ashtanga yoga instructor.

My 22nd birthday was the perfect day filled with beer,cheese fries and cupcakes galore.


Matt and I laced up and headed to Wisconsin for a 15 mile ride through cheese land.


With a lot of luck and a little bit of sacrifice I became the assistant coach of a local junior high swim team and managed to finish my first season undefeated.

I signed my post-graduation summer over for an internship that includes aquatics, the military, and travel.

The final weeks of 2010 are being spent in Massachusetts with my family and friends and I even managed to squeeze in a few trips to Vermont and Maine with the love of my life.


Thanks for being part of my 2010. And here’s to 2011!


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7 responses to “A year in review

  1. thebettylife

    Wow what an exciting year you have had, and some awesome sights you have seen! I love travelling and yoga, so I must stop by your blog more often. Where are you travelling to in 2011? All the best, Betty x

    • Were considering a trip in March and then Ill be living in another country for the summer (Im not sure which one yet!), we might have to take it easy after that though because were trying to save up for a move!

  2. Wow! You really traveled this year! I got to Vermont and Hawaii, but that’s it!! I guess I shouldn’t complain I love both places 🙂

  3. You have been to so many places this year! What a year it has been for you!

  4. Awwww – such lovely pics!
    Wish you an amazing NYE, K!

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