A year in recipes

2010 was a year of revelations for me.

My attitudes towards food changed half a dozen times and eventually lead me towards a vision of simple, whole, delicious cooking. And although I’m still a ways away from being Ina Garten and I have yet to cash in my savings for a Kitchen Aid mixer, I love exactly where I am when I’m in the kitchen.

Here are five of my most memorable dishes from 2010.

Most flavorful five ingredient meal:


Squash and feta toss


Easiest way to convince your family to eat quinoa:


Pineapple infused quinoa


Number 1 reason to make extra rice:


Fried rice your way


Excuse to go to the apple orchard every week:

apple sauce

Homemade apple sauce


Proof that vegetables can be easy to prepare, gorgeous to look at, and delicious to eat:


Roasted beets

What recipe of yours was a stand out for you, your readers, or your family? Leave a link if you have one!



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16 responses to “A year in recipes

  1. Yum! Great recipes! I just did a post of my favorite meals and dishes in 2010 too!

  2. Love this post! I love eating roasted beets but I HATE making them at home – sooo messy!

  3. Yum! The best thing about a blog is being able to look back at all your yummy recipes!

    My favorite this year was definitely whole wheat vegan cinnamon rolls– it was great to be able to show my family that something remotely healthy can actually taste delicious 🙂

  4. the squash and feta is so beautiful together. a lot of your meals are works of art to me..almost makes me wanna print them out to frame and hang on the wall! 🙂

  5. What a fun post! I hope at the end of 2011 I can write something similar. I plan to do a lot of cooking in the new year!

  6. Roz

    Hi Kate, I found your blog via a link from TJ’s site. Just wanted to stop by and say I LOVE it!! Your photos are fantastic. I’ll be bookmarking and visiting regularly. Happy New Year!!!

  7. Everything looks so good, especially the squash and feta! Two of my favorites 🙂

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