This time last year

This time last year I was spinning in a million directions.

I was in the process of transferring to the University of Iowa.

I began twirling around the idea of becoming a yoga instructor.

I was on the fence about starting a food blog of my own.

And I was getting ready to embark on a month long journey to Greece.


In a few months I’ll be graduating from college.

And I’ll finish Yoga Alliance certification in May.

I’m coming up on my 1 year blogiversary.

And I am brewing another international getaway for this summer.


If 2010 taught me anything it’s that sometimes you end up exactly where you are supposed to be.

Where were you this time last year?



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4 responses to “This time last year

  1. Gosh…this time last year, I was SO unhappy! We’d just moved to a new town so far from my family, and we didn’t have ANY friends. I’m in such a better place this year!

    Brewing a new international trip?! Can’t wait to see where you’re going!

  2. This time last year, I NEVER, EVER, would have thought i’d be where I am now. Which is both good and bad. Some things I’ve done over the past year i’d change, others happened for a reason. But here we are 🙂

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