Class Pass: Bollywood Vinyasa

Bollywood, which is India’s answer to Hollywood, has a distinct sound and movement. Vinyasas are traditionally thought of as plank, updog, and down dog, but at the root are simply movements linked with breath.  And Bollywood Vinyasa is unlike anything I’ve ever done.

It’s flowing in and out of vinyasas, freeing your emotions through dancing, and balancing our minds with breathing exercises and chants all while listening to a fantastic mix of Bollywood inspired music.


I left the 2 hour workshop feeling inspired and refreshed, and had unleashed creativity like never before on my mat. The instructor Hemalayaa Behl is one of a kind, a true expert on both the yogic and Bollywood front.

I loved that the energetic postures were balanced with more static movements – the epitome of yin and yang. I found the music incredibly evoking and loved that there was such an emphasis on using movement to rid the body of negativity and so much room left to bring in joy, bliss, and love.

Have you heard of Bollywood? What about Bollywood Vinyasa?



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6 responses to “Class Pass: Bollywood Vinyasa

  1. That sounds like such a cool class! I love Bollywood music!

  2. Nothing beats feeling relieved and calm. Sounds like a good time!

  3. It’s funny…I HATE hate hate musicals of any kind (except RHPS) yet I LOVE Bollywood! It’s very weird for me. 😉

  4. Kath (Eating for Living)

    I love Bollywood music, and also some films, but I haven’t tried the dancing so far. Must be fun! 😀

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