Flashback: San Francisco

As all of the mentions of San Francisco and the Foodbuzz Festival die down, I feel simultaneously sad and maybe a bit relieved. The truth is San Francisco holds a special place in my heart.

heart 1

A few months after Matt and I started dating my parents took us on a trip to the West Coast. It’s kind of a running family joke now.

We spent the majority of the two weeks in a villa tucked inside the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe suffering from food poisoning, and the rest of the time being dragged from winery to winery even though neither of us were of legal drinking age.

tasting room 1                    
Needless to say the three days we spent in San Francisco sans wine and imprisonment were pure bliss.

A lot of things are different now.
We have an appreciation for vineyards.
We always bring Pepto on vacation.
And we haven’t traveled with my parents since.


Finish this sentence: The worst trip I ever took was…



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5 responses to “Flashback: San Francisco

  1. Hysterical, aww your poor parents I’m sure they meant well:)

    Amen to the Pepto sista!

    The worst trip I ever took was on a tour bus in Hawaii, my brother got car sick in the tour bus — let’s just say I have a super hard time stomaching Hawaiian Punch now. Red, everywhere.

    Haa – cute post!

  2. Even if it’s been 1o years since I last was in SFO it still holds a special place in my hear too 🙂 maybe in 2011 I’ll be back!

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