You have permission to…

Eat half an avocado with a spoon.

Consider raking leaves a form of cardio.


Believe that all beers that are served with lemon or orange wedges are nutritionally superior.


Prefer real macaroons over raw ones.

Think spending $100 on yoga pants is crazy. Yet have a pair anyways.



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4 responses to “You have permission to…

  1. Yeah, I haven’t done the 100 dollar yoga pants yet…it just pains me to think about spending so much money on pants that I’ll be wearing to sweat and stretch in!!

    I’ll probably give in eventually though 😉

  2. Ha, I’m dying for a pair of $100 yoga pants, too! (even though I know that’s crazy expensive!) It’s not so ridiculous if Santa buys them for me, though, right?? 😉

    Totally agree with everything else– except the raw macaroon thing. I love my raw macaroons more than “real” ones!

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