My foodie bucket list

Everyone has a running tab of things that they desire to do before they die.

And anyone who loves food as much as I do has a food bucket list – you know, a list of things you have to taste, cook and smell before you, well, kick the bucket.

Pork Belly

This ingredient has always eluded me. I may have tasted it at the Cochon 555 event, but I want to revisit it’s flavors and really savor the experience.

Tapas in Espana

An afternoon of tapas tasting in the heart of a Spanish city. Need I say more?


Homemade Ice Cream

It sounds simple enough – I want to make homemade ice cream from scratch. I know it’s getting chilly out there but it’s always perfect weather for ice cream!


The spices. Oh, the spices. I want to spend a few days just eating my way through Morocco. Anyone with me?

Dim Sum

I considered googling Dim Sum, but half the fun is that fact that I don’t know what it is. But I want to eat it.

Paella for Two

We love rice and we love seafood. I really want to tackle the one-pot dish that is so hard for people to pronounce.


A Garden Meal

I’d love to assemble an entire meal made only from ingredients from my homegrown garden.

Home brewery

Can we all agree that beer is food? In that case, I’d love to brew some beer. And then go to Germany for Oktoberfest.


A celebration of all that is beer and German. Add it to the list!



I’ve made sushi before, but I have yet to experiment with raw fish. I know this is one Matt would definitely be on board for.

Of course this is just a work in progress, but a good start nonetheless!

Name three things on your Foodie Bucket List!



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17 responses to “My foodie bucket list

  1. My 3 would have to be:
    Biscuits and gravy at Boogaloo’s in San Fran
    Gino’s Spinach Deep Dish Pizza
    Any Indian buffet (samosas, naann, palak paneer, curry potatoes, you name it I love Indian food)

  2. I’m on the first place to Morocco with you : d

    I think on the top of my bucket list would be High Tea at the Ritz Carleton.

  3. i love your list! i just had pork belly a week ago. SO DELICIOUS! find some!

  4. Pizza in Italy and soft pretzels in Germany are HIGH on my list!!!
    Love your list – homemade ice cream is da bomb. We love it!

  5. Did you know homemade ice cream has raw eggs in it?? I had some at the in-laws the other night and I couldn’t believe it! Tastes SO good tho! 😉

  6. Can I come to Oktoberfest with you?!

  7. mmm, a fresh croissant and fresh baguette in Paris.

    pizza in Italy.

    a foodie tour of NYC with Jason… I have been many times, and want to share with him… 😀

  8. Mmm . . . love Dim Sum. So good!

    I would like to try snail in Paris (weird, I know) and eat pasta and pizza in Italy. Can’t think of a third thing, but I like those.

  9. Good call on the Tapas! YUM!

    I want to go to Oktoberfest too. I’d also add that I’d love love love to go to Greece and eat all of the food there. 🙂

  10. Sounds like a great list! I’ll have to think about it a bit, but of course pizza in Italy is on there, as is an authentic BBQ down under. 🙂

  11. Great list Kate! there were some things I would love to do too!

    Mine (at the moment – this always changes):

    A professional cooking class

    Sushi in Tokyo

    A trip to NYC because of FOOD

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