A few weeks ago I was contacted by Jonathan at Sokenbicha and asked if I wanted to try out their new tea line that had yet to debut in stores. Of course I said yes.

With the winter coming up I was sure that I could make more of an effort to add tea to my drinking routine, even though I am secretly more of a fan of the cold, bottled stuff and I hate the act of boiling water.

So you can imagine my excitement when I received something far from the loose-leaf tea variety I had envisioned.

Picture 859 

Sokenbicha (pronounced just like it sounds) is a Japanese inspired tea that combines authentically brewed teas with natural botanicals to produce a refreshing tea that provides balance and great flavor.

They come in 5 distinct flavors, each one corresponding to a part of the body and the five elements. And since they are teas they offer all of the benefits with none of the added sugar.

Picture 861 Picture 862 Picture 863 Picture 864 

Of the flavors Revive/Wood, Defend/Water, Purify/Fire, Shape/Earth, and Skin/Metal I found favorites in three.

I especially enjoyed the almost peachy aftertaste of the Shape flavor, which stemmed from a green tea base. And I thought Defend tasted like a perfect version of unsweetened homemade sweet tea. But my absolute favorite was the Purify variety – a green and black tea combination that tasted exactly like Starbuck’s Black Tea Lemonade.

Picture 866 Picture 867

They introduced us to sushi, yoga, and acupuncture. And now Sokenbicha.

Sokenbicha is slated to debut in Whole Foods across the country this month.

I wonder how many Purify’s I can fit into my cart?



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6 responses to “Sokenbicha

  1. I love the cute packaging!

  2. They look so fancy! I hope they’re delicious 🙂

  3. I love tea, hot or cold. Where I work they have a hot water spickot(sp?) so I have hot tea everyday, in swap for calories laden coffee drinks, which I LOVE! But nice to make the swap and still get fulfilled!

  4. As a tea afficionado, I MUST try these!

    When you say it’s exactly like it sounds…do you really mean “soc in bitch a”???

    Now I will have to add another crazy work like kombucha to my vocabulary.

  5. They look good, I hope they taste good as well…

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