Getting Figgy With It

Last week we got figgy for the first time.

Picture 893

As part of October’s Culinary To-Do I had to go head to head with these purple beauties:

Picture 896

We decided to make a delicious fig and prosciutto pizza. And every last bite was outstanding. The prosciutto, the cheese, and the figs.

Picture 895  

Oh the figs. They are beautiful, photogenic, and expensive. And like I mentioned before I have more fun playing with them than eating them.

Until next season my little figlets!

Picture 898 

I intended to roast a chicken this week but as soon as I got back from the grocery store on Friday Matt and I had a little giggle – I bought all of the things I needed to bake a whole chicken, from the spices to the sides – except I forgot one thing: the actual chicken!

Guess what’s on the grocery list for next week?



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7 responses to “Getting Figgy With It

  1. hee hee… I have done that before… forgotten the BIG ingredient. 😉

    I love figs, and yes, they are so pretty… that pizza sounds gooood…

  2. I’m happy you liked it! I had some figs this week, but they went bad on me. I think they’re pretty much out of season now though.

    I really want to bake a whole chicken or turkey too, kinda scary, but can do it! Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  3. Haha! Can’t say I haven’t done that before!

    This afternoon I actually went on the computer for a specific reason, got distracted and never did what I wanted to in the first place! I’m getting old…… 🙂

  4. Oh figs.. fresh figs are perhaps one of my most favorite foods. they are just SO GOOD. my great grandparents had a fig tree when I was little and i’d pick them and eat them straight off the tree.. talk about heaven.

  5. Oh figs are my favourite! They’re so sweet and delicious. AND an aphrodesiac!

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