J’Adore Adora

A long time ago before I was a blogger, I was a blog reader. And whenever I would see really cool products featured on blogs I would rush to Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or my local grocery store and scour the shelves for the new ‘must have’ item.

Well, I still remember scoring my first bag of Adora Disks at Whole Foods in Omaha and simultaneously doing a little chocolate victory dance. And I’ve been loving them ever since.



Aside from being delicious, one Adora disk provides up to 50% the daily value of calcium and includes vitamin D3 and magnesium for better absorption.  And I want to share the chocolate wealth.

The fabulous people at Adora gave out samples at the Healthy Living Summit and then were nice enough to contact me to ask  if I’d like to give y’all a chance to try them out. Of course I said yes.

Let’s have a little giveaway shall we?

Leave a comment proclaiming what team you are on: Milk or Dark.

Extra entries for tweets/follows, What Kate Ate facebook likes, and giveaway mentions on your own blog – just leave me a comment telling me you did so!

Giveaway ends Friday. Get going!



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26 responses to “J’Adore Adora

  1. Dee

    Team Milk all the way.

  2. Elizabeth

    Team Dark!

  3. Team Dark – I have never tried the Adora disks! I just take a boring calcium pill.

  4. Oh yeah—Team Dark Chocolate for sure! I love dark chocolate, and if I can support my nutrition and my sweet tooth at the same time, I’m all in.

  5. DARK!!! I love dark chocolate!

  6. Team Milk…for sure! 🙂

  7. ABSOLUTELY team dark… but I go to the other team sometimes… 😉

  8. Casey

    Some like it DARK!

  9. I now LIKE you on FB !! 🙂

  10. christeeny16@mchsi.com


    I follow you on Twitter and Facebook! 🙂

  11. Team Milk!
    Follow you on FB!

  12. Team Dark! (I also like white chocolate…)

  13. Team milk of course! 🙂

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