Sorry to keep y’all hanging.

The truth is, I’ve been hanging.

No, not this kind of hanging.


I’ve been hanging with my new yoga family. Were in the middle of our second yoga teacher training weekend and it’s going…yogically?

I’ve been learning a ton, making some great friendships, and really deepening my practice – and I can not wait to share some of the information I’ve been gathering with you.

But, in light of recent talk about disclaimers, advice giving amongst bloggers, and the like I first want to present you all with a nice disclaimer post. Both that and a special giveaway are in the works for this week!

Enjoy your Sunday!



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3 responses to “Hanging

  1. Eek! I didn’t know you were doing that. I just signed up today but I’m nervous. Do you LOVE it??

  2. You are going to love teaching 🙂

  3. Hey Kate,
    Casey from Yoga training. Great blog, just thought I would send you the link for mine too! http://www.dailydoseoffit.blogspot.com

    See you in a couple of weeks!

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