Fit it in

It’s not always practical to set aside an hour or more to devote to practicing asanas but you can work on fitting yoga in where ever you can get it.

Do a few Sun Salutations during commercial breaks or work on your Warrior positions while you cook dinner.

Engage in some desk meditations. Or maybe participate in some road side downward dogging.

Picture 691

Whatever way you can incorporate yoga into your life is important – from the physical movements to the breath and beyond. Don’t be afraid to meet yourself exactly where you are – and make it work for you in that moment.

How do you fit it in? It being yoga, meditation, stretching, physically activitiy – you name it.



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4 responses to “Fit it in

  1. I have a pretty set workout schedule. I can change the days I work out if I need to but usually they stay the same. I realized a long time ago I will ALWAYS eat more on the weekends so I make sure to fit in some kind of exercise to balance it out.

  2. I usually do a lot of yoga poses while I watch TV. I’m always practicing my head stand.

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