10 Must Eat Cities

As a food blogger I spend a lot of time thinking about food. And as a self-proclaimed traveling junkie I spend the majority of the rest of the time mapping my future travels. It’s really not a surprise then that I’ve accumulated crossed off a few of my favorite Must Eat Cities from my list and I’ve added a few others that I need to visit solely on their dazzling culinary reputations.

Greek Islands

Currently one of the most famous tourist destinations in the World, The Greek Isles have some stuff to brag about: the beaches, the history, and the cuisine. Eat a variety of dishes while you are there, but don’t you dare come back without feasting on some fresh caught octopus.


Casablanca, Morocco

Lentils, couscous, and the famous use of spices all drive the desire to travel to Morocco. The North African country is often overlooked as a foodie destination, but it’s front and center on this list.


Where delicacies originated, Brussels is to thank for frites,  beer, waffles, and chocolate. Don’t worry if you can’t find a hotel with a gym, this trip will be all about indulgences.

Portland, Maine

This New England pick stands apart for it’s small city charm that is met with it’s emphasis on fresh, local seafood. Bonus points if you stay long enough to chat with the fisherman who caught your lunch.


Panama City, Panama

Famous for traditional South American finds like coffee and rice and beans, Panama also packs a secret punch. Ceviche, the country’s culinary creation, is made from raw fish and lemon juice that would add flavor to any trip.

Dublin, Ireland

The original meat and potatoes country, Ireland has some serious culinary heritage. Allow baked goods and traditional stews round out the plate. And don’t forget to wash it all down with a Guinness.


One word: pizza. Naples needs little to no explanation, it’s crowded streets are filled with robust locals that add to the flavor that is ‘Italian’. Although pizza, pasta, and wine are their hottest commodities, gelato is located on practically every corner and it would be wise to sample each and every flavor offered.


Bali, Indonesia

With a huge emphasis on fruit and vegetables, Indonesia, like many of the Asian countries it sought its influence from, treats it’s tourist to World class cuisine that is peppered with chilies, coconuts, and nuts.

What is on your list of Must Eat Cities?



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9 responses to “10 Must Eat Cities

  1. Man you’ve had some fun adventures! I would add Las Vegas to that list. Some of the very best meals of my life were at Vegas!

  2. I would visit (and eat my way through) any of these places in a heartbeat!

  3. That is a great list! I want to go to Spain too! Now I really need a vacation!

  4. Kate

    after making the hop from minneapolis to st paul, i am loving checking out st paul eats. and san francisco was fun eat my way thru too!

  5. Portland, Maine for sure! And pretty much any city in Italy. 🙂

  6. Skipbone

    “..And as a self-proclaimed traveling junkie …”

    Seek help.

  7. Kate,
    I can tell you from growing up in an Irish family that real Irish food (not restaurant Irish food like O’Charleys or Bennegins) isn’t really good. It’s typically pretty bland and kind of has a “boiled leftovers” taste to it. On the list of amazing things about Ireland, I’d say the food is pretty close to the bottom. Visit for the Guinness 🙂


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