Cool Basil

I love Thai food and I love my sister and lucky for me last Sunday included both.

My sister Heather and I met half way between Omaha and Iowa City in the little town of Des Moines, perhaps you’ve heard of it? We planned to spend the majority of the day doing things all sisters do. Buying placemats at World Market, spending hours at Target, and searching for pumpkin ice cream, you know the usual.

And somewhere in between all of that we stopped at Cool Basil for a late lunch.

Picture 801

I had heard good things of Cool Basil from a few Des Moines area friends so when we decided to meet up in West Des Moines I knew it was the perfect time to stop in.

We satisfied our fried tofu cravings with some delicious Pad Thai.

Picture 802 Picture 803 Picture 804

And confessed our love for the purple plant by ordering Eggplant Lover’s.

Picture 805 Picture 806

The vegetable dish was easily the best out of the two. The sauce was delicious and the eggplant was cooked to perfection. As for the Pad Thai, well I am a hard critic, but it was good!

The food was good and the decor was really chic, but the best part was watching heather pick off the eggplant skin. And then me offering to eat it.

What about you – are you pro-eggplant skin or not?

What about kiwi skins? Or God forbid, acorn squash skins?



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6 responses to “Cool Basil

  1. I love eggplant – skin on or off for me! I’ll have to try Cool Basil sometime soon….looks great!

  2. I’ll eat eggplant skin, and any and all squash skin, too!

  3. Holy Yum – that Pad Thai really does look delicious!
    Is it regular noodles, or…?

  4. I’ve never eaten kiwi skins, it kind of grosses me out to eat something with a fur 😀

  5. eggplant skin is fine, but kiwi skin weirds me out… i think its the furry part. i don’t feel inclined to eat things that are (still) furry. 🙂

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