Tour de Cheese

Last weekend Matt and I drove to Monroe, Wisconsin to embark on the Tour de Cheese bike tour. We headed out for a 15 mile ride through Wisconsin’s dairy land – battling the winds, the unforeseen hills, and eating a few too many sticks of cheese along the way.

Picture 672   Picture 675 Picture 676  Picture 678  Picture 680 Picture 681   Picture 684  Picture 686 Picture 687 Picture 688   Picture 691  Picture 693 Picture 694 

Picture 695

Picture 700

Picture 701

 Picture 718

Picture 719 Picture 720  Picture 722   Picture 725         Picture 729 Picture 730 Picture 733   Picture 736

And like any sane bike rider we ended our tour at Monroe’s annual Chili Fest.

Picture 737

Picture 741



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12 responses to “Tour de Cheese

  1. Kat

    Okay, so biking always makes my bum sore, but I am so beyond on-board with the Tour de Cheese concept. Jealous, lady! What a fun time!

  2. This looks like such a fun weekend! Anything cheese in my book is game 🙂

  3. Awww, what a fun event!! Anything involving beautiful scenery and cheese is great by me!

  4. I would be ALL OVER a chili fest!! Awesome!

  5. Kate

    wisconsin is so smart about food! i love any state that has cheese fests, chili fests, beer fests…… what more could you ask for!

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  7. Ohhh that looks fun! The scenery is gorgeous…and I always love something that involves cheese 🙂

  8. The scenery really is very beautiful, I love the sky in one of the field pictures. It’s like full of cotton 😀

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