Crepes de Luxe

After our second full day of yoga teacher training my new yogi pal Jamie and I headed straight to Crepes De Luxe Cafe.

   Picture 339

Picture 338

Crepes De Luxe is a newer cafe in downtown Iowa City and I have been dying to try their delicious crepes for a while now.

Picture 340

We each started with our own Savory Crepes. I went for the Ratatouille (I love that word) with a buckwheat crepe. It was filled with mozzarella, eggplant, tomatoes and zucchini and topped with some fresh spinach.

Picture 342 

It was a perfect post-yoga lunch. On the lighter side, but so satisfying.

Picture 344

Over lunch we reminisced about the times we each have spent in Europe enjoying crepes, gelato and spinach pies.

Picture 345 

After we demolished our Savory crepes we decided to share a Sweet variety. And we inched up to watch them rake out our delicious crepe.

Picture 346 Picture 347

Even though I am partial to Nutella with Strawberries, the Nutella + Banana combination was incredible.Picture 348

Gooey, melty, chocolaty Nutella.

Picture 349

Picture 350 

Iowa City is pretty great – for a Midwest college town it has a ton of personality and an unique artsy feel. And it happens to value some of the most important things in life:

Local and cultural food, yoga, and Nutella.

Picture 335



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9 responses to “Crepes de Luxe

  1. Looks delish!! I still haven’t tried Nutella, need to pick some up next time I’m at the store! 🙂

  2. Ooooh that looks good. Banana and Nutella?? Oh. My. God. There’s a reason I don’t keep Nutella in my house. 🙂

  3. Crepes are so good.. I love savory ones with cheese and ham.. and would never turn down a crepe with Nutella. I heart Nutella.

  4. i love ratatouille! i’ve never thought to eat it in a crepe but it sounds delicious. banana + nutella was always my go-to in france, but i do love banana + strawberry + nutella…so amazing!

  5. Looks amazing! That sweet one is making me drool right now.

  6. yoga + crepes sounds like the perfect fall morning!

  7. *drool* that looks so so good! I’ve never been to Europe, but I’ve heard so much about sweet crepes. I’m also diggin’ on those green swirlies.

  8. I love nutella!!!! I have never had a crepe, they look awesome!

    What kind of yoga certification are you doing? What type of yoga? I am a huge yoga fan but not so much of Hatha, I love Ashtanga and flow yogas. I would love to hear how your certification experience has been!

  9. Those crepe look fantastic! What a cool restaurant. I looove me some nutella:)

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