Good Ole

Good ole Grinnell, Iowa.

Picture 363

I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon of my 22nd birthday with my pal Jen in the wonderful small Iowa town of Grinnell.

Jen and I met back in June when we took a road trip to Pennsylvania and spent the summer snoring in adjacent bunk beds at summer camp. But really our relationship goes beyond our sleeping arrangements.

All summer long she was my fellow wine-a-holic, my travel buddy and quite possibly one of the most beautiful things to blossom from my summer (aw, right!).

To the Phoenix Cafe!

Picture 367

After doing some internet research we figured out that Grinnell was the best central lunch location.

Picture 370

And we were off!

Picture 369

The internet also told me that their eggplant sandwich was amazing. And naturally anything with eggplant and feta cheese speaks to me. The sandwich lived up to it’s reputation.

The potatoes were delicious, too. My only complaint? I only had four!

Picture 364

Jen went with the Chickpea Burger which was smeared with avocado spread, naturally.

Picture 365

With our full bellies we did what we do best: wander. Oh, and ate some more. Per the recommendation of our waitress we made a bee-line for Yumi’s Bakery. Jen was nice enough to treat me to lunch and dessert.

Monster Cookie Ice Cream? Yes, please!

Picture 373

Jen is currently driving from Iowa to Maine where she is started a new leg of her journey and I can not wait to see what it has in store for her. Maine has a special place in my heart and Portland is a mere 2 hours from my parents house. In other words, I guarantee we’ll see her again soon!



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3 responses to “Good Ole

  1. Sounds like a great day!

  2. Jen

    Very nice, Miss Kate!

  3. How fun! The combo of toppings in that sandwich so delicious. Love the avocado spread in it.

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