Garden of lemon trees

Obviously my birthday involved a drink.

And when you are eating pizza, beer is a must.

Stella Artois is one of my favorite brews and it immediately brings me back to Greece. One of the first nights we were in Athens we went to the corner store bought some Stella’s and sat on the roof of our hotel and starred at the Acropolis through a garden of lemon trees.


The view didn’t quite compare. And  I have to say beer in Europe tastes more fresh.

Picture 416

But it was good!

Random beer fact: Beer should be drunk out of glasses so you can get the full flavor and aroma of the brew. Thanks for the tip, Aubrey!

What is your random beer fact of the day?

What foods/drinks bring you back to specific memories?

And what is your favorite kind of beer?


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One response to “Garden of lemon trees

  1. Living in the Northwest means you must love beer. And good beer–not PBR or Miller. Portland has sooo many amazing breweries. I think my favorite is Deschutes. There are too many good brews to choose from.

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