Chocolate Loves Blueberry

I’m sure you’d believe me if I said these cupcakes were delicious. 

Picture 378

Picture 379 Picture 380

But what if I told you they were vegan?

Picture 381      

Food porn courtesy of Fair Grounds Coffeehouse an Iowa City bakery devoted to food and drinks that are good for you and our world.



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4 responses to “Chocolate Loves Blueberry

  1. I would tell you I’m mad at you for teasing me with that deliciousness and not following it up with a recipe. Or a hand-delivered cupcake 😉

  2. They look sooo pretty and deeeelish!! x

  3. I have to admit that it’s been YEARS since I’ve eaten vegan food. My hope is that it’s improved a lot since then…if so, then I will gladly test those cupcakes. 😉

  4. Those are gorgeous! mmm

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