Culinary To-do

So we can all probably agree that most food bloggers definitely have two things in common.

  1. They love food
  2. They are type A

So, with that being said I’m sure a lot of us have To-do’s lying around. Paper, computer generated, iPhone accessible, take your pick.

But shouldn’t we all have Culinary To-do lists, too?

For the month of October I’ve decided to give myself a little bit of culinary homework to work on my culinary confidence. Here’s what I will conquer.

Beat the Beets

I love to eat beets but I’ve always been a bit shy to actually cook them. So I’m going beets to the wall. Roasted beets coming right up!


Mr. Ris-o-tto

My best friend Aubrey makes a mean risotto. And I think I’m ready to take on the Queen of Rice.

The whole chicken

I’m still learning how to cook with meat (being a vegetarian for years can do that to you), but cooking a whole chicken sounds enticing. And hard.

Fall for Figs

The blog world unites over a few foods each season and one of them is figs! I have yet to try a fig, and I’m thinking this pizza will make me fall in love.

Be Greek inspired

I love Greek food. And yet I’ve never cooked it. Until now!


You ready to take on the challenge?

What is on your Culinary To-do list?

What’s the craziest food you’ve ever eaten? Octopus, maybe?



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14 responses to “Culinary To-do

  1. Great challenge! Last night I bought a WHOLE chicken! I have grand plans to make it tomorrow night for dinner. We shall see…..

  2. What a great idea! I’ve been making risotto for awhile now and it is a great dish. It’s also not as hard as you might think…just have to stir, stir, stir:)

    I have’t tried a fig either but I do see them all over the blogs. Wait, I’ve had a fig newton, does that count?

  3. I love these challenges. A whole chicken is surprisingly simple. Hunni and I used to cook it for Thanksgiving because we can’t eat a whole turkey.

  4. Aubrey

    Yay Risotto! I just had some lobster risotto at the Lincoln Cafe tonight. BTW if you get a tat that says “food is important,” you get free fries for life! Seems like one you might like.

  5. That’s SO ambitious . . . I can’t wait to read! And yes you basically hit the nail on the head, I do love food and I AM type A, who knew 🙂

  6. I really want to live quinoa but the last time I tried it I wasn’t too fond. That was over a year ago. I really have to give it another shot.

  7. ive had octopus! it is rather.. CHEWY!!

  8. My boys have a culinary to do list for me hanging on the refrigerator! All desserts too! The weirdest thing I ever ate was bear when I was in school. It tasted a lot like liver…in my opinion.

  9. Thanks for the mention! The pizza was even better the second time I had it!

    I’d love to try out a risotto too, after watching one too many Hell’s Kitchens I’m curious – and a beef wellington.

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