Polenta Chips

 Last time I made polenta Matt practically made me promise that we would never attempt it again, but I’m always up for a challenge.

Okay, and I bought a prepackaged tube of the stuff instead this time.

I wanted to add a bit of flare to our traditional Sausage, Peppers & Onions so we decided to use Polenta Chips as the bed for our feast.

Picture 234 

Polenta Chips

  • 1 tube of store bought polenta
  • How to: Cut polenta into thin rounds and add to a hot pan. Allow to cook until they’ve become crispy, crunchy, and brown.

Although the chips made a fantastic base to our meal they were amazing on their own. I can totally see myself setting out a bowl of the Polenta Chips with some marinara and homemade salsa as an appetizer.

Picture 235

While the Polenta got crispy we threw some Italian chicken sausages on the grill and Matt got to work on the pepper + onion mixture.

Half an onion, 2 red bell peppers, and a spicy mystery pepper later and we were in business.

Splash of some red Fireside wine that has been loitering in our fridge, a sprinkle of Garlic Gold flakes, and some Parmesan cheese and you’re done.

Picture 236 Picture 237 Picture 238 

Dishes like this remind me of my parent’s cooking.  And I just love sausage. Kind of a funny confession from a once vegetarian, but I own it!

Picture 239

What meals remind you of home? If you eat meat, what is your favorite kind?

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6 responses to “Polenta Chips

  1. Polenta is one of my favorite things to make. Such a great arm workout if fresh and so versatile from the tube. I’m glad you gave it as second go.

  2. i have got to try those polenta chips! the last time i braved polenta it did not go over so well either. i think i should give it another go. you have inspired me to not give up on the polenta : )

    i have also been dying to try that pumpkin spice ale!

  3. Polenta is the one food that is really intimidating to me….not sure why?

    My mom always makes homemade spaghetti sauce – it would simmer on the stove ALL DAY and the house would smell amazing!

  4. i think your meal looks good! i love CHICKEN! every now and then i’ll crave a burger.

  5. What a great idea! I love polenta and I’m obsessed with finding new yummy ways to eat it.

  6. This looks A-MAZING! And thank you for giving me an idea for something HEALTHY to dip my homemade salsa in, because the habit of an entire bag of Hint of Lime Tostitos is NOT good for the ass shrinking project 🙂

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