The Brown Bottle

Last weekend Matt and I had big plans to head to the Quad Cities to go to the annual Brew Ha Ha Festival. But with an overcast sky and predictions of at least 70% chance of rain we decided to take the money we would of spent on beer sampling and head to a restaurant in town.

I had a few restaurants in mind, but after finding out that they were all closed between 2-5pm we decided an Italian place that we knew would be open, The Brown Bottle.

We started with side salads.

Picture 306 Picture 305

And some delicious garlic bread.

Picture 307

And Salsicco.

Picture 310 

A spicy homemade sausage topped with a chunky marinara sauce.

Picture 308

As for our entrees I was immediately intrigued by the Vodka Penne. I always see pre-made jars of Vodka sauce at the grocery store but I always seem to put a more ‘sensible’ sauce in my cart.

Not today!

Picture 318 

The penne was oozing with thick sauce that was peppered with celery and tomatoes and had ribbons of prosciutto and chunks of chicken throughout it. It was rich and delicious.

Matt went with a scallop dish that he found a little bit disappointing. Instead of being lightly breaded the scallops were immersed in a breading and baked a la baked scallops, which was a little bit different than he imagined.

Picture 316

Picture 317

But he ate every last bite!

Overall, I had heard mixed reviews about The Brown Bottle. Overall I think the prices were too high for the quality of the food. Matt’s seafood was a bust and the sausage appetizer was something I could make at home.

But I’ll be back for Vodka Penne because let’s face it, sometimes you need to put bread with pasta, and add some cream to your sauce!



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7 responses to “The Brown Bottle

  1. Vodka penne is awesome. I’ve made it before myself and it was so good. I wonder why I don’t do it more often?

    • i need to make this at home. when i was studying abroad in italy one of my roommate’s made it and it was amazing. i haven’t had it at a restaurant nearly as good as hers and the jarred sauces don’t compare.

  2. That penne looks ridic!!!! Wow!

  3. Before becoming a vegetarian Penne ala vodka was my favorite italian thing to eat. So yummy!

  4. I’m a Brown Bottle FAN! I tend to order the same thing everytime – vegetarian lasagna….absolutely the best. If you decide to go back, you should try it!

  5. i have never tried vodka sauce, it looks delicious! i agree with you, sometimes cream sauce and a side of really good bread just makes the pasta : )

  6. Evrything look so good! I haven’t had pasta in a while, I really should 🙂

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