Culinary Confidence

On Saturday when Aubrey and I went to the Farmer’s Market I had one thing on my mind: beets!

I love beets. I love how bright and colorful they are. I love how they look on salads. And they are wonderful roasted with cheese. And I’ve gathered enough culinary confidence to finally give them a go.

We made our initial lap and then I headed over to a particular veggie stand that is always set up in the corner. Last fall I bought beets from  this particular farmer and allowed the beets to wilt in my fridge virtually all of winter. He gave  me good advice on how to roast the babies then and I knew I could count on my beet guy now.

Picture 213 Picture 212

I peered up over the stand and asked him confidently “How do you roast beets?”. Without the slightest hesitation he went into a detailed explanation as to how I could perfect a roasted beet.

Then with culinary confidence I picked up what I thought was a golden beet and asked him “And how do these taste compared to regular beets?’”

“Well, for starters that is a radish.”



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11 responses to “Culinary Confidence

  1. I love going to the market! I love beets too!

  2. Aubrey

    Im so glad you shared this story! I love that guy

  3. actorsdiet

    i do love beets but i have to admit i get very lazy about prepping them since they stain (and the tops are so sandy!) but they are delicious!!!

  4. Kate

    bah! that is super funny and something i would totally do. i get tempted to cook with beats but fear that i would turn my kitchen maroon in the process.

  5. Bwhahaha! That is fantastic! I love beets AND radishes. Steamed beets with a little goat cheese is a fantastic little snack.

  6. Hahaha, could have happened to me too 😀 roasted beets are awesome.

  7. Anne Marie

    you are awesome! love you and beets!

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