IC Farmer’s Market

I know how to pick ‘em.

Not only is Iowa City, Iowa home to a fantastic local food movement and a Co-op that promotes education and the consumption and production of whole food, but we recently placed #10 on the list of America’s favorite Farmer’s Markets.

I’d be lying if I said that I did a lot of research before I uprooted my life and moved to Iowa 3 years ago, but in some ways I really couldn’t of made a more fruitful choice.

Picture 201 Picture 202 Picture 203 Picture 204 Picture 205 Picture 206     Picture 211 Picture 212 Picture 213 Picture 214  Picture 216 Picture 218

How does your local Farmer’s Market rate?



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9 responses to “IC Farmer’s Market

  1. I love my farmers’ market! but it’s not super huge. The one on Saturdays around here are so nice but it’s almost 3 miles away and without transportation that’s a loong walk 😦

  2. We have a farmers market that COMES to campus. I always forget to have cash on me 😦

  3. Farmer’s markets are so fabulous. There are bigger and nicer ones farther away (but still driveable) that I need to make it to.

  4. Kate, your pictures are so great. What kind of camera do you use? My farmer’s market is good, but not huge…but they a building a large permanent farmer’s market downtown….it’s a few years away still but I cannot wait!

  5. Looks amazing! Little did I know they had such a great farmer’s market! Will have to check it out next weekend when we’re in town for the game!! 🙂

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  7. wow, what an amazing market! ours is good, but not great. i loved the ones i went to in san fran.

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