A breakfast

What do you get when you cross a fried egg with

Picture 220

some roast beef hash from Trader Joe’s?

Picture 221 Picture 222 Picture 223

A breakfast, of course!

Picture 224

What is your favorite Sunday morning meal?

I love my Dad’s High Rise Apple Pancakes + of course, corn beef hash always brings up childhood memories!



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7 responses to “A breakfast

  1. look at all the protein! I love it.

    I either love the savory route—fried eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns…

    or I love me some big ole french toast!

  2. Baked oatmeal or pancakes! I also love baking muffins or banana bread on Sunday’s too.

  3. sclark32

    Waffles! Which I rarely have on Sunday, a thought that just came to me after I immediately wrote/thought waffles. Guess I know what I’m making next Sunday.


  4. haha I should make that for my husband. He’d probably want to renew our vows.

    My favorite Sunday morning breakfast? Crepes with raspberries and powdered sugar with maple syrup!

  5. Cute bowl! Our Sunday breakfast is usually an egg each, sometimes bacon for the man, delicious sandwiches and freshly pressed orange juice 🙂 I love Sunday mornings!

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