Pumpkin What?

If you’ve been reading What Kate Ate for some time then you probably know we are not strangers to a good beer in this house.

So naturally we love this time of year.

You know, the time of year where seasonal beers finally make their appearance on the shelf?

When labels start saying this like seasonal, Oktoberfest, or chocolate.

Or when this guy comes out to play:

Picture 087

Ah, pumpkin beer!

Are you a beer person? What is your favorite kind of brew?



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6 responses to “Pumpkin What?

  1. I like beer but I’ve yet to try pumpkin beer! I will definitely be getting some this Fall.

  2. I love Jack’s! Cottonwood is good too…cuz it’s from NC 😉

  3. I’m a beer person, and generally will drink any type of light beer, not such a huge fan of the dark ones.

  4. I love Cider beers…hornsby, woodchuck, etc!

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