Tamanend Winery

Back in July my parents paid a visit to me while I was working in Pennsylvania. We spent the majority of the day exploring Lancaster, but the rest of our afternoon was filled with wine tasting at the Tamanend Winery.

The Tamanend Winery was a unique winery with an industrial-like setting, and since it was a winery not a vineyard, there were virtually no vines on sight.

The winery, which is truly a labor of love, combines technology with passion to create award winning wines.


Each wine is named after a flower and the labels are printed using photos taken by the owners and winemakers.


What really spoke to me was their LNO (Like No Other) wine. Virtually the first of its kind, LNO is a wine/margarita hybrid that is made of fermented agave. It’s essentially margarita wine!


It’s currently made in  Lime & Orange, and I can guarantee both flavors are amazing. It’s currently sold in a few surrounding states and online at Tamanend’s website. But I wasn’t about to wait for it to come to Iowa, so I brought some home!


If you are in the Lancaster area do yourself a favor and stop by and if you find this stuff in a store near you count your lucky wine glasses!



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4 responses to “Tamanend Winery

  1. I’ll be in the Lancaster area in a few weeks– thanks for the tip!!

  2. That Lime LNO sounds sooooo good! I am going to have to keep my eyes out!

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