A Walk In the Park

Labor Day was surprisingly warm in Iowa City. With a high of 87 I knew we were destined for a stroll in the park, and that is exactly where we headed.

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Sometimes life is like a walk in the park.

One thing that Matt and I are adamant about when we move is finding an area that has an emphasis on the outdoors and also easy access to things like trails, parks, and nature areas. And it helps if a community is bike and dog friendly!

How does your neck of the woods score in these areas?



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9 responses to “A Walk In the Park

  1. What a great looking trail! The puppies seem to love it too. 🙂

  2. This looks like a great trail! Perfect for dogs!

  3. Anne Marie

    my grandpuppies!!! They are so cute!

  4. awww i’m in love with your puppies! they are beyond adorable!

  5. The pups are adorable 😉 And look like they’re certainly enjoying themselves!! We have SO much forest, woods, and trails around here – though I wouldn’t mind having more public trail areas vs. just plain trails through the woods, if that makes sense!

  6. Great pictures. I live in a city, but luckily I have a few parks near me and we are a quick car ride to a lot of nature reservations, state parks and even the ocean.

  7. looks beautiful! and that’s a weenie dog right? i love my lil weener, Milla!

  8. You should come to Boulder!

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