Taste of Madison

Madison, I love thee!

We spent our entire Sunday afternoon strolling around the annual Taste of Madison celebration.

Madison really knows how to throw a foodie festival!

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The actual Taste of Madison takes place around the capital building and they close off the four major roads that form a square around the building and the grassy areas.

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Crowds gather the area to drink beer, taste delicious local food, and listen to live music.

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Of course we started off our walking culinary tour with a beer in hand. I grabbed a glass of Capital Brewery’s Supper Club. It was cold and crisp, and everything a beer should be.

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Matt went with the Amber and gave it two beers up!

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After doing a few laps we decided to take a seat and map out our plan of attack.

And then we were off.

Our first stop was for Eggplant Fries at Lombardino’s.

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They were fried to perfection and served with a semi-spicy dipping sauce. The fries themselves were knock-outs, but I would of preferred a lighter dipping alternative. Perhaps something tomato based?

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Then we headed over to Bluephies which was strongly recommended by Heather.

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I could tell by their menu that I would not be disappointed.

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Nor would my meat-loving boyfriend!

Bacon-wrapped smoked chicken and cream cheese-stuffed jalapenos:

Blog 971 

Wisconsin sushi roll: Andouille sausage wrapped in Italian sausage, wrapped in bacon and smoked, topped with BBQ sauce on a bun.

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Matt was obsessed with the sushi roll, but I preferred the heat of the stuffed jalapenos. Next time we’re in MAD we will definitely hit up Bluephies especially now that I know it’s also a Vodkatorium!

Blog 974 

More meat! Lamb Kebab. You know I love my Greek food!

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Frozen Turtle Cheesecake on a Stick from the Little Shop of Cheesecake.

We were channeling the Iowa State Fair. People who live in Iowa love things on a stick!

Blog 982

Watermelon Pork Tacos from the The Piece Out Gourmet.

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Such a surprising combination of flavors. Pork, cucumbers, watermelon. It was so light and refreshing!

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And last but not least, some Pork Dumplings.

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Taste of Madison: The No Meat Left Behind Tour!

Have you been to a food-inspired festival? Maybe a Taste of Tour or a Culinary Walk? Share!



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4 responses to “Taste of Madison

  1. looks like such a good time! i’m very forunate, i live in quite a touristy area of Sydney and there’s food festivals constantly. there was one in July dedicated solely to coffee, tea, and chocolate…sigh…. 🙂

  2. thehealthyjunky

    This looks like such a fun day! I have only been to the Taste of Chicago, but loved it! I hope to go to Taste of St. Louis this year!

  3. Wow those fried eggplant fries look amazing! I would eat way too many of those suckers.

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