Tasting Plates

A plate full of this and that make the best meals.

If the this is Spinach and Artichoke hummus and the that is Hoffman’s Spring Onion cheese, well then its definitely some good eats!

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Bonus points if you enjoy your meal outside.

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Tasting plate lovers unite!

Do you love “tasting plates”? What food does your tasting plate have to include?



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12 responses to “Tasting Plates

  1. I love making tasting plates for lunch! Mine always have hummus and nut butter, plus crackers, a fruit, and a veggie. Yum!

  2. My tasting plate has to include some sort of cheese. I prefer a sharp aged cheddar.

  3. Sometimes the best meals are just “noshing”!

  4. i love tasting plates! i make mine w/ cheese, nuts, honey, fig mustard, apples, and pears. have a great day :0

  5. I love tasting plates! That’s my favorite way to eat lunches. I like to make them with cheese and fruit and anything I have handy. 🙂

  6. ahhh i love bitty meals that have been botched together bits a this bits a that! hmmmm! a peach or a nectarine in there and some halloumi, maybe some raw veg, hmmmmhmmmm!

  7. I love tasting plates. They’re the best when you’re low on groceries or if you don’t feel like anything in particular. And of course they always must have cheese and crackers. 🙂

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  9. Kate

    tasting plates are fab! i always include some sort of carb, a veg, CHEESE, and dippage. easy and satisfying 🙂

  10. I’m a BIG fan of apple, cheddar cheese, craisins and crackers…mmmm!

  11. I love tasting plates too—though sometimes it is hard to keep some items to just a tasting portion!

    I love fancy cheeses, salty things like olives, nuts, and something sweet like fruit–fresh or dried!

  12. I love spinach and artichoke hummus! It’s probably my favorite flavor 🙂

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