Washington DC

Back in the end of July Matt and I took a long weekend trip to Washington DC to celebrate his 24th birthday in style.

After a long day of exploring the Smithsonian Museums and the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial on foot we headed back to the hotel to change for a night on the town.

We headed to Dupont Circle to the Regent restaurant where we immediately broke into two Thai beers: Chang & Singha.


As we looked over the menu a few different dishes popped out to us so we ordered two appetizers to share. The Pla Muek Tod: fresh squid lightly battered deep-fried served with sweet and sour sauce and the Kanom Jeeb: steamed dumplings stuffed with pork, crab meat, shrimp and water chestnuts served with a special sauce.



For our entree we split the special: a soft shell crab fried to perfection that was accompanied by chili peppers, basil, and orange served with white rice and some tender asparagus.


And since it was a special occasion we finished the meal off with some homemade coconut milk ice cream, complete with a cherry. P1060722 

We spent the rest of the evening strolling around and finally made our way to the hotel.

When we woke up the next day I knew I wanted our final meal in DC to be something casual. I googled a few things and we were on our way to The Diner.

While we waited we escaped the blistering heat by sneaking into the adjacent coffee shop, Tryst, and ordered a frozen cappuccino.  


A half an hour later our party was called and we settled in for easily the best diner food I’ve ever had.

I went all out and ordered the Monte Cristo


with a gorgeous side of fruit.


Does DC stand for Delicious City?

What is your favorite foodie destination?

As a Massachusetts native I am partial to the North End, but I also loved Baltimore for it’s foodie finds!



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3 responses to “Washington DC

  1. i particularly like greece for the food, its beeeeutiful there! they really know how to cook up a meal!

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