Seize the day

Happy Saturday!

I hope everyone had a fabulous kick-off to their weekend! My Friday night ended with a stein of Boulevard Wheat


and some cheese fries courtesy of the Vine.


And some delicious boneless buffalo wings. We went all out!


I love collard greens and peaches, but I also love me some bar food!     


My Saturday almost started the same way, but after a few bites of leftovers I came to the realization that buffalo wings for breakfast may not be the best idea. So I went with a close second:

Blog 644

Blog 643

Blog 646

Some nuts from the HLS for a mid-morning snack.


While we were outside photographing today’s snack I attempted to snap some Saturday shots of the dogs. But they weren’t cooperating.


The only house pet that stood still for close-up was the Peacock. Check out your pumpkin patch!


I’m off to teach a quick First Aid class at the University of Iowa and then Matt and I are off to seize the day. Can’t wait to recap tonight’s festivities!


Congrats to Nicci over at Nifty Eats who is the winner of the Chia Seeds Direct Giveaway. Thanks to everyone who played, the odds were pretty good this time! Nicci email me your address at



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4 responses to “Seize the day

  1. Thanks for the nice comment! Those peaches look like an amazing b-fast 🙂

  2. I have been dreaming of wings and I see them on your blog! It’s a sign that I should eat them 🙂

  3. Cheese fries? buffalo wings? you’ve had some great eats 😀

  4. yum!!! your peach breakfast looks awesome!

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