Goose Island Brewery

Perhaps one of my favorite parts of the Healthy Living Summit weekend was our visit to the Goose Island Brewery in Chicago.

Call me a bad girlfriend if you will, but I finally made the voyage to the Home of 312 sans Matt. But I had two of my pals in tow: Theodora & Heather.

Sunday morning post breakfast the three of us said goodbye to Sarah and heading via T to the little brewery.

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After getting lost, ordering a cab through Theodora’s iPhone, and landing some spots on the sold out tour: we got down to business.

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To be honest, I think Matt would of loved the tour and the explanation that is beer making but for me it was hard to understand and difficult to follow. Plus I was busy being a blogger.

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And taste testing random beer essentials like malt & hops. The tour guide said I could, swear!

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Barrels of booze:

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And then there was the tasting!

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I started paying attention some time after the beer was placed in front of me. And luckily for you, we even took notes!

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A quick crash course:

How to taste beer

Appearance: Color, Clarity, Foam, Carbonation, Effervescence

Aroma: Hoppy, Malty, Floral, Fruity

Mouthfeel: Light, Medium or Full Bodied

Taste: Sweet, Bitter, Malty

Finish: Crisp or Lingering, Sweet or Dry

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From left to right:  Willow Street White, Nut Brown Ale, Honkers, IPA, Liquid Dark, Sai-Shon Tea.

My favorites were easily Willow Street White & Sai-Shon Tea.


After the tasting we said goodbye to Theodora and we settled in for a delicious lunch at the Brewery.

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I ordered a Sai-Shon Tea & treated Matt to a Nut Brown Ale.

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Aside from hanging out with Heather & I at lunch, he also drove all the way from Iowa City to pick me up in Chicago post-HLS. He definitely deserved a beer!

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Matt & I split the pepper-encrusted burger which was topped with blue cheese and served along side some delicious fries.

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I also saw roasted beets with feta on the menu and I knew we had to have a side of those.

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The food at Goose Island was easily as good as the beer. The upside to the beer though? I get to buy it in Iowa!

You didn’t think that I forgot to swing by Trader Joe’s on my way out of town, did you?

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I love Matt in this picture. Clearly ready to shop till he drops!



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9 responses to “Goose Island Brewery

  1. I’m not a fan of beer but I’ve been to a tasting too. It’s fun!

    Those fries look delicious.

  2. I have been on my fair share of winery tours but never a brewery tour.

    There is a wonderful microbrewery festival every year in Burlington VT (right on Lake Champlain)that I used to go too all of the time. It was a blast! I am not a huge beer drinker but I do appreciate it – the tour looks fun, and educational : )

  3. Ha! Ha! Love the picture of Matt. We just went on a mini vaca and I have several pictures of Brian waiting outside whatever attraction we were visting giving me a look like ,”Come on already!” Men!

  4. Oh my gosh, I LIVE in Chicago and I never knew about that brewery tour. My husband would looooove it. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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