Core Fusion Yoga

This morning there was a mad dash for the kitchen as Matt & I fought it out for the bottom of the box of our Quaker Oatmeal Squares. Clearly I won.


Topped with some peaches from Wilson’s & a little sunshine.


Looks like I need to add cereal to my grocery list!



The roommates and I headed back to the hotel room to decompress for a couple of hours until we went our separate ways. Heather & I headed to a Core Fusion Yoga class being held at Exhale Chicago and Theodora & Sarah went to get their Zumba on.

To be honest I hadn’t heard much about Core Fusion Yoga, but I’m open to new experiences!

We boarded the bus with our new mats, and we were off.

me with matt

The class itself was a little bit different than the more traditional yoga I practice. The teacher was full of pizzazz and ran the class much like an aerobics type class with the occasional yoga terminology but with a heavy emphasis on the physical part of yoga versus the mental or spiritual element.

Post class I had a little chat with John about developing his teaching style. I love talking with other instructors and trying as many different kinds of yoga classes as possible. I think the variety will help me develop my own teaching and practice philosophies.

Post class hang-age:



Thanks for an upbeat class, John!



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7 responses to “Core Fusion Yoga

  1. quaker oat squares are definitely something to fight over! i loved the post with all the recipes. thanks for the ideas 🙂

  2. It’s like adult gymnastics. I love it.

    Cute pics!

  3. I really like the fusion yoga. I’m not so much the fan of traditional yoga- I think I’m too ADD for it… :p

  4. You just reminded me how much I want some peaches!

  5. I LOVE the blog! HLS looks like so much fun. I totally want to go next year. Cool yoga class too

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