The majority of my morning was spent going over syllabi. Oh the joys of being back to school!

For those of you who don’t know I’m currently in my 5th year of college at the University of Iowa. After playing switch-a-roo majors a few times I’ve finally landed on pursuing a degree in Leisure Studies.

Leisure Studies? Basically I want to work in community recreation (YMCAs, Rec Centers, etc.) and I’ll probably follow my true passion: Aquatics. I will say though, working at a Residential Summer Camp has really opened my eyes to other Leisure venues…time will tell!

Anyways, this is my last year and I’ll be taking a full course load. I have some pretty exciting classes, that I’m sure will all run together in about two weeks.

They are:

  • Leisure in Contemporary Society
  • Leisure & the Liberal Arts
  • Park & Recreation Design
  • Park & Recreation Facility Management
  • Recreation Administration
  • Business Writing for Non-English majors

Oye Vey!


When I got home from class I did a little bit of housework and worked up quite an appetite. I whipped up a quick lunch for Matt and I.

Blog 620

Bagel thin with cream cheese, a side salad, & some juicy strawberries.

Blog 621 

Enjoyed and photographed outside. What on Earth will I do come snow?

Blog 622   


Throughout the afternoon I was feeling snacky on numerous occasions so I occasionally grabbed a handful of this (Quaker Oatmeal Squares) and a handful of that (tortilla chips). Some days I’m just snackier than others!


While I did some work/watch Nip/Tuck Matt made dinner. He sautéed some collard greens & red onions together and plopped some Italian Sausage ravioli on top.

Blog 626 

Topped with some Parmesan cheese.

Blog 628  

The perfect easy to assemble meal in minutes.

Blog 631    

And dessert

Blog 636  

Blog 639

Blog 640

If you are in school what are you studying?

What is your favorite go-to dinner?

What is your favorite ‘handful’ snack?



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8 responses to “Handfuls

  1. Black bean and mango tostadas are my favorite easy, healthy, “go to” meal:

  2. My favorite handful snack is probably organic teddy grahams or peanuts. I just finished my MBA in May but now I am starting Yoga Teacher Training next month…so I guess I am studying yoga.

  3. I like to grab a handful of dried fruit and raisins as a snack, since it’s filling and meets my sweet and savory cravings. Plus, we always have a jar of peanuts and a cannister of raisins in the cupboard.

    My studies included social science and education, both of which I really enjoyed. But I’ve been able to work in camps quite a bit, which I love as well – they’re great communities to work in, and are quite supportive.

  4. Wheeee look at how fun your class schedule is !! I miss school! SOMETIMES. Ok, not really. Maybe a little. Ahhh oh well.

    I just started watching Nip/Tuck!! I’m hooked! Love. Also love your dessert. My kinda gal 😉

  5. That looks tasty! I love ravioli. I never thought to put it on top of some veggies….

  6. Good luck with your last year!

    I am back in school for my 3rd degree- this time a Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Sustainable Community Development. I am only going part time though.

  7. Lovely eats! And I have been thinking the same thing – my pictures are gonna SUCK come winter! lol I’m currently studying biology. I cannot wait to be done 🙂

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