Last Hoorah

Yesterday we spent my last full summer day enjoying the heat, spending time with family and friends, and eating blizzards.

Wilson’s Orchard

Our first stop Sunday was to Wilson’s Orchard. Since we moved to Iowa City Wilson’s has been our go-to orchard. Although we count on Wilson for apples and cider every Fall, yesterdays trip was about one thing and one thing only: peaches.

Blog 560 

I receive weekly emails from my friends at the orchard so I knew that there was a huge selection of Michigan peaches the size of my head waiting to be picked through by yours truly.

After I made myself a large bag of peaches we spent some time exploring the orchard store.

Blog 557 

Blog 558

And tasting a few apple varieties.

Blog 562 

We didn’t walk out with any apples, but we got a few goodies:

  • Peaches!
  • Homemade Hot Peach Salsa
  • Cherries

We had a little bit of time to waste so we wondered around the orchard and spotted a few of our favorite varieties.

Blog 571

Blog 580

And Matt played with the camera.

Blog 579  Blog 577


After our Peach Party we headed to Red Lobster to celebrate Matt’s sister’s belated birthday.

While we waited for our meals we enjoyed some Lobster Nachos & side salads.

Blog 596 Blog 587

For my entree I ordered the Lobster Pizza, which was actually an appetizer, and had two delicious slices. Being a New England native its safe to say that I’m not Red Lobster’s biggest fan. But, this pizza was surprisingly tasty! Aside from the biscuits, it was easily the best thing I’ve had from the restaurant.

Blog 597

Happy Birthday, Renee!

Blog 604 

After lunch we headed back to our house and cut into some Key Lime Pie.

Blog 605

We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting and watching movies. Due to a larger, later lunch we weren’t really hungry for a meal-meal so we pulled out some chips & salsa to snack on.

A few hours later we made a group trip to the closest Dairy Queen where I got the one and only: M&M Mini Blizzard.


Operation Beautiful

After Dairy Queen we headed to the grocery store because I forgot milk from our grocery trip and at the check out line I spotted a magazine cover that said something about a Post-It note.


And look who I found! The magazine was truly like a Operation Beautiful Note in disguise. I was feeling a little down and out about eating chips & salsa and a blizzard for dinner, and was giving in to a little bit of negative self-talk. And then I thought about it.

And here’s what I decided:

  • I’m human
  • It’s okay to eat chips & salsa for dinner once in a while
  • Having two indulgent desserts in one day isn’t going to make me gain 25 pounds
  • Most of the people reading this blog aren’t going to judge me for every morsel I eat
  • I don’t need to compare my eating habits to other peoples eating habits
  • I’m not any less valuable of a person because I didn’t eat vegetables with my dinner
  • Giving in to a few cravings doesn’t mean I need to abandon all of my goals or give in to ‘falling off the wagon syndrome’
  • Being healthy means being realistic

It’s nice to remind yourself everyone once in a while, especially on the internet.

Tell me, what keeps you from negative self- talk or Fat Talk?



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14 responses to “Last Hoorah

  1. I am trying to stop the constant comparison with other people. Ignoring the voices “she’s a faster runner than I am” or “she’s skinnier than I am…” blah blah blah! It’s hard, but i’m trying!

  2. Those peaches are as big as a head! Happy Birthday to Renee. 😀

    I am a positive person, so while I still need to lose 30 pounds, I tell myself that I am strong enough to do pushups on my toes, I can do all three levels of Jillian’s 30 day shred back to back (okay, I only did that once, but I did it!) and I can bike 10 miles in my hilly neighborhood.

    And chips and salsa are definitely perfect for dinner! 😀

  3. Oh how I love peaches this time of year, can’t get enough!! That one is HUGE!
    Negative talk should be banned in all girlfriend conversations, haha. I think that if you are at peace and confident in yourself, than talk GOOD about yourself. Right?! Yes and encourage others too. We all need it. 🙂

  4. Isn’t it crazy how you came across that Operational Beautiful story at the exact right moment? I always find that it’s in my exact moment of weakness or self-consciousness that I read the most inspiring blog post or see something that totally changes my outlook!

  5. I don’t necessarily avoid the fat talk but I am now able to combat it with the truth like you did. Just don’t stand next to me because I’m talking to myself and I may seem crazy 🙂

  6. Yum those peaches look juicy and delicious!

  7. It’s hard to stop fat talk–but usually when I start to get down on myself, I say “I am where I am right now, and I am doing what I can do right now” Its just a reminder that you can only worry about the present, not the past. Also, I just blogged yesterday about all the unhealthy food I ate at my friend’s bridal shower, so no judging here!

  8. I try and remind myself of all the amazing things my body allows me to do and embrace the things I love about my body. I also reflect on the fact that I am fortunate to have a healthy working body 🙂

  9. Beautiful pictures, and beautiful attitude right there at the bottom. This was a pleasure to read!
    My view on fat and weight loss, etc, is that your body is constantly in a temporary, adapting state. You never “stop,” but instead can shift and change.

    So you had chips and salsa for dinner. Do you do it every day? Nope! Will it make a difference in the long run? Nope! Let your taste buds enjoy ❤

    I am incredibly jealous of that peach, by the way!!

  10. Aww, I miss Michigan apple season so bad now. Orchards are fabulous.

    Hey, I’ve had some serious crazy dinners — just tator tots, or the night I had popcorn, etc. It’s like. One meal doesn’t define you.

    If you find yourself going crazy, take a step back and make sure your next meals are on track.

  11. i’m glad you gave yourself the pep talk you deserved! i beat myself up more than anyone over those things (like anyone else cares but me, right!!?) and am trying to do it less and just enjoy myself! i love blizzards and am going home for the weekend…there arent many DQ locations in LA and i’m dying for a reeses one!!

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