I got home yesterday afternoon and I did not want to cook. Or clean. Or really do anything.

But I compromised.

Matt & I had gone out to dinner the night before and I knew that today we would be going out for lunch with his family, so I knew eating at home was a better choice both financially and health-wise.

Plus, we had food at home to make.


I threw together a mish-mosh Indian meal in a bowl by making some brown rice, sautéing some onions & zucchini, and adding another Trader Joe’s Indian-meal-in-a-pouches to the mix.

Blog 551

Dollop of Greek Yogurt.

Blog 549


Post dinner I was looking for something sweet & indulgent for dessert but I couldn’t decide on exactly what I wanted (mini blizzard, anyone?) . Then a strike of genius hit me.

Chocolate Oikos + A Fitnessista Chocolate Macaroon + A Drizzle of Naturally Nutty White Chocolate Coconut PB courtesy of Sarah.

One word: drool worthy!

Blog 553    

I spent the rest of the night playing drinking games at a friends house and drinking Malibu and Pepsi Max. Hey, I am in college after all!


This morning we woke up and took Ernie & Ollie on a stroll. We spent about a half hour walking the Iowa City countryside until we decided to head back home and visit Panera for some bagels.

I got the Asiago cheese bagel with some sun-dried tomato cream cheese, and literally had eaten half the bottom until I realized I hadn’t taken a photo!



The rest of our day is going to be filled with visiting Wilson’s Orchard for some fresh peaches and meeting Matt’s family for lunch.

I don’t know about you, but peach season is my favorite time of year!

What is your favorite fruit?



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8 responses to “Mish-mosh

  1. Have fun picking peaches! I’ve never picked them before, but I like to buy lots of them to make peach jam each year.

    My favorite fruit would have to be blueberries.

  2. i still read your posts girl- sorry i suck at commenting!!!
    fav fruit.. APPLES!! 🙂

  3. Seriously Indian food always saves the day :)!

  4. Blueberries are my favorite – I do love peaches and plums though!

    Have fun at the orchard!

  5. That does sound like one heck of a good dessert combo. I would go for it!

  6. I love apples, especially green apples 🙂

  7. I love raspberries and blackberries the most. I wish they weren’t so expensive!

  8. I think I might be biased being from Georgia, but peaches are awesome in the summer. Grilled with a scoop of ice cream..amazing.

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