C P R-ush

I’m rushing off to teach another CPR class! Here’s a quick glimpse of my meals for 2/3 of the day.


A Simply Bar with a delicious layer of Naturally Nutty on top.

Blog 548


A TAC bagel sandwich, some grapes, and some HLS swag in the form of my beloved Pop Chips.

Blog 544 


Blog 547

And I’m off!

What are your exciting plans for this weekend?



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5 responses to “C P R-ush

  1. tj

    Adding some nut butter to the top of a bar is a good idea for a fast breakfast! 🙂 Lunch looked good- I love bagel sandwiches!

  2. I love the Fig Walks into a Bar!

    Nothing real exciting going on this weekend – this is our last weekend with no work so I’m savoring it!

  3. The food looks great, Kate! I went on a couple of trips recently and then was house sitting for my parents, so my diet kind of did a flop over on me. But now I’m back at home and will feel much better after a trip to the grocery store. But we don’t have the delicious bars I see on people’s blogs – at least I haven’t been able to find them. I stick to Larabars for the most part.

    As for my weekend, I suppose it’s almost over now. I got to see my grandma for her 80th birthday party yesterday with a few family members. Her birthday isn’t until Monday, but it was nice to celebrate with her because she lives out of town. She’s a pretty wonderful woman!


  4. Brooke - One Healthy Cookie

    Yum, I love those bars!

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